GC. Ediciones

What is the Eye of God? What is the Mathias Table? Is there such a thing as DarkLight? And how did the Golden U come into being? These are some of the names of the latest limited edition furniture pieces for international clients from Gloria Cortina’s growing GC Ediciones series.

They were not designed simply to be exquisite hand-made objects. Their innovations of form, and their superbly crafted details, express specific symbols, emotions, and atmospheres. Every piece of GC Ediciones furniture, often crafted over a period of months is, absolutely functional. But their forms, materials, and finishes are designed to convey very particular auras – beautiful ideas, to put it another way.

Gloria Cortina’s ability to create these unusual and collectable furniture pieces reflects her own international background and her profound interest in art, artists and cultural sources. Her success as a leading interior designer for the homes and estates of international clients is another important factor: virtually all of the furniture, fabrics, floor coverings, and lighting in these interiors are one-offs designed by her, and made by her teams of craftspeople in Mexico City and New York.

Gloria is centrally involved in the entire process, from her early concept sketches of furniture designs, right through to controlling the making of the pieces.

The GC Ediciones furniture series, shown successfully at exhibitions including Salon New York, has grown out of her ability to conceive original furniture designs and, with the greatest care, to ensure that the pieces are truly and meaningfully expressive.

By Jay Merrick
Architecture Critic of The Independent, London, and essayist on art and architecture for the Architects Journal.