Valle de Bravo

The design of this country home is inspired by its environment on a hillside overlooking the beautiful lake of Valle de Bravo, a pueblo mágico in southern Mexico. The form and structure of the building, designed by A5 Arquitectura in association with Gloria Cortina, is deliberately simple, and the main building materials – wood and laja azul stone – are locally appropriate.

The building has a calm, naturally organic quality. For example, the colour palette of both the exterior and the interiors is based on the colours of indigenous plants. And this means that the building does not compete with its site, but rises from the landscaped garden (designed by Gloria Cortina and Pedro Sanchez) in a physically respectful way.

The same environmentally sensitive design quality is found internally: stone and timber predominate in spatially simple interiors. The furniture, soft linen fabrics, and carefully chosen accent pieces create a sense of comfort and contemplation, rather than heavily overstated luxury. As a result, the Valle de Bravo house has the feel, simultaneously, of a family home and a sanctuary.

Project Partners
Architecture/ A5 Arquitectura
Interior Design/ Gloria Cortina
Lighting/ Gustavo Aviles
Landscape/ Gloria Cortina and Pedro Sanchez