Rancho LB

If one word were used to describe this project, it would be "unforgettable".

After two intense and dedicated years Rancho LB came to life, being a project that demanded both detail and ambition from the very beginning. The architect created nine suites and ten separate living spaces on a grand scale with majestic proportions that matched the environment, spread across this multi-acre ranch.

Our goal was to integrate the family’s vast collection of primitive art into an ambiance ideal for the extended family. We worked together with the client to devise a harmonious spatial language that would create an ideal symbiosis between the architecture, design and décor.

The result – a perfect and exceptional Mexican country retreat.

Project Partners
Architecture/ Mauricio Gomez de Tuddo
Contractor/ Jose Luis Salamanca
Interior Design/ Gloria Cortina
Lighting/ Kai Diederichsen